Calpe is a coastal town approximately 21 km north of Benidorm. It is most famous for the ‘Penon de Ifach.’ This amazing landmark dominates the entire landscape of the town, and can been seen for miles along the coast including Benidorm.

It is a massive mountain of limestone that rises majestically 320m above the sea, and is the highest cliff top on the Costa Blanca with practically a shear drop. It is home to a nature reserve for a large number of birds, mammals and reptiles, and is a very popular meeting point for rock climbers and scuba divers.

When you visit, a pair of binoculars is a good idea. Standing at the bottom of the rock, if you cast your eyes up and scrutinize the rock face carefully, you will always be able to find some adrenalin seeking rock climbers!

There is a pretty path along the bottom of the rock on the same side as the port, a pleasant flat walk, or for the more energetic, a path that winds you all the way up practically to the top, with magnificent, heart stopping views. This is not recommended for people with walking difficulties or children in pushchairs as it is a steep climb with some steps included. You will eventually reach a tunnel which takes you through part of the rock. Be very carefully going through the tunnel as the floor is rocky and very slippery. After this point only the truly experienced, hardcore walker/hiker should continue as the path finishes.

Back down in the port to the right-hand side of the rock, is the famous Calpe fish market. Each day, the fishing boats bring home their catch and it is auctioned off. The waiters from the restaurants in the harbour stand outside and offer free “tasters” to entice you into their restaurant. They display the raw fresh fish and seafood in front of the restaurant, you point to the plate you want and it then goes back to the kitchen to be cooked. It doesn´t come much fresher than that!

Another place nature lovers will be interested in is the La Salinas Park salt lakes. They are located close by, behind the Peñón de Ifach, parallel to the beach. Here you will be able to observe a large number of birds, as well as an important colony of pink flamingos and storks.

To either side of the rock are two beautiful sandy beaches for those who prefer to take it easy and relax. As expected they are of a very high standard and the facilities are excellent with many play areas for children to enjoy. Surrounded by dozens of restaurants, bars and clubs offering a wide variety of food and drink, Calpe really is worth a visit.

To visit Calpe, pop into the RESORT CARE Benidorm office and ask for info on day-excursions. There are both very reasonable coach and boat trips available all year long.